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Policy 1070 Appendix A - HCPSS Immigration Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Appendix A

  1. Does the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) provide student immigration information to law enforcement?

    HCPSS does not collect or track student immigration information and therefore has no information to provide.

  2. Can HCPSS or the State of Maryland deny enrollment or withhold funding for students who were not “legally admitted” to the United States?

    No, the US Supreme Court has ruled that such actions violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution. (Plyler v. Doe, 457 U.S 202 (1982))

  3. Does the Howard County Police Department (HCPD) ask about immigration status?

    HCPD officers do not ask questions about immigration status. The topic may be discussed on very rare occasions in relation to other criminal investigations such as human trafficking, terrorist activity, or gang violence.

  4. Does the HCPD enforce federal immigration laws?

    HCPD officers have no authority to enforce violations of federal immigration laws.

  5. Does the HCPD call the Immigration-Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) to pick up someone if they are undocumented?

    No, the HCPD does not call ICE on undocumented individuals.

  6. Will the HCPD assist undocumented residents with access to services and protections?

    Yes, the HCPD can assist foreign nationals with access to services and protections, including language services, assistance with consular contacts, access to community organizations and information on visas (T or U visas) for victims of certain criminal activities.

  7. As a school staff member, what should I do if a law enforcement official requests immigration information?

    Inform the officer that you will contact a school administrator to assist them and contact an administrator immediately.

  8. As a school administrator, how should I handle request from law enforcement regarding immigration information?

    Take the following actions in sequence:

    1. Determine if the request is regarding an HCPSS employee or a student. If the request is regarding an employee, refer the official to Human Resources.

    2. If the request is for a student, inform them that HCPSS does not track student immigration information and that you will contact your Community Superintendent and the school system legal team to provide them with assistance.