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Policies and Procedures

Board of Education Policies

This website contains fully accessible, mobile-friendly, searchable policy information for unofficial use. The official Board of Education adopted policy documents are available on the Board's BoardDocs website in PDF format (select Policies from the top menu).


The Board of Education sets local education policy consistent with state and federal laws governing public education. At the direction of the Board, the Superintendent and the school system administrative staff develop policies and administrative procedures to support policy decisions. Development and revision of policies follow Policy 2020 Policy Development and Adoption.

Policy Input Opportunities for Students

Participate in a Policy Advisory Committee as a representative of a student group. These opportunities become available after outreach to a student group by the request of a Policy Advisory Committee chair.

Join a Student Policy Advisory Group to provide feedback on a policy being revised by a Policy Advisory Committee. Opportunities are announced as they become available.

Serve as a Student Guest Speaker to provide your specific experience and story related to an HCPSS policy under review by a Policy Advisory Committee. Opportunities are announced as they become available.

Speak at a Board of Education public hearing to provide suggestions for proposed policy revision language. Your public hearing testimony can also be emailed to 48 hours prior to the meeting. Public hearing schedules can be found on BoardDocs.

Email the HCPSS policy staff at at any time to provide policy concerns and interests.

Policy-Related Opportunities By School Level

Elementary School

Middle / High School

High School

  • Participate in the Student Government Association

Public Input

During the development or revision period, comments and suggestions for changes to the policies under review can be submitted via email to and will be shared with the applicable committee chairs prior to the presentation of the proposed policy report to the Board of Education.

After presentation of the proposed policy to the Board of Education, the public are invited to submit written testimony at least 48 hours prior to the meeting at which the Board is scheduled to take action by email to or by letter to the Board of Education Office. The public may also testify in person at the public hearing. Equal consideration is given to written and oral testimony.


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