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2000 Series: School Board Governance and Operations

Policy 2000 School Board Governance

The purpose of this policy is to articulate the authority and responsibilities of the Board that are critical to its effective and efficient operation.

Policy 2010 Student Representation

The purpose of this policy is to establish nomination and election procedures and establish the roles and responsibilities of the Student Member of the Board of Education and Student Representatives.

Policy 2020 Policy Development and Adoption

This policy provides a uniform and consistent format for Board policies and establishes comprehensive processes by which policies are monitored, reviewed, developed, revised, and modified.

Policy 2030 Ombudsman

The Board of Education voted to rescind Policy 2030 Ombudsman on May 11, 2023.

Policy 2040 Public Participation in Meetings of the Board

The purpose of this policy is to preserve the orderly transaction of business of the Board and to provide guidelines for effective, efficient, and responsible community input on educational issues during regular meetings of the Board.

Policy 2050 Advisory Committees to Staff and Schools

The purpose of this policy is to provide guidelines for the establishment of advisory committees to the Superintendent and Department of Education and to schools.

Policy 2060 Advisory Committees to the Board of Education

The purpose of this policy is to sustain the Community Advisory Council (CAC) and to provide guidelines for other advisory committees to the Board.

Policy 2070 Ethics

The purpose of this policy is to support the Ethics Regulations by articulating the importance of ethical conduct by Board members, employees, and advisory committee members of the HCPSS, to establish standards of ethical conduct, and to publicize those standards to the school community.