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Policy 4050 Implementation Procedures - Procurement of Goods and/or Services

Implementation Procedures

I. Definitions

Within the context of these implementation procedures, the following definitions apply:

  1. Purchase Order - A legally binding commercial document used to detail the types and quantities of goods and/or services provided by a supplier in return for payment.

  2. Quotation - A verbal or written offer by a supplier that includes the supplier’s name, contact information, brief description of work, associated price and date for delivery or completion of work.

  3. Specifications - A clear, complete, and accurate description of the goods and/or services required in a procurement activity.

II. Procurement Manual

The Purchasing Office will provide a Procurement Manual to assist employees in the compliance and application of Policy 4050.

III. Method of Procurement

  1. All procurements, regardless of the method used, will include the following basic elements:

    1. Scope of work and/or specifications in sufficient detail

    2. Date for delivery of goods or completion of services

    3. Pricing format, if applicable

    4. Approval and signature by authorized individuals

    5. Identified source of proposed funding.

  2. The criteria to determine the appropriate procurement method is defined as follows:

    1. Goods and/or services costing up to, but not including, $5,000 in aggregate value per year may reflect the lowest price available given the situation. This purchase will be initiated by using an approved Howard County Public School System(HCPSS) Purchase Order.

    2. Goods and/or services costing more than $5,000, but less than the solicitation threshold of $25,000 in aggregate value per year will only be considered after the receipt of three written quotations by the Purchasing Office. This contract will be formulated by the use of an approved HCPSS Purchase Order or other acceptable contract form approved by the Purchasing Office.

    3. Goods and/or services for amounts equal to or above the solicitation threshold of $25,000 or more can only be made after a formal procurement and the approval of the Board.

  3. Minority business enterprise participation goals to include small and locally-owned businesses, will be established by the Purchasing Office.

  4. Small business participation goals will be established by the Purchasing Office.

  5. Locally-owned business goals will be established by the Purchasing Office.

IV. Award or Rejection of Contracts

  1. If the cost of any item or group of related items and/or service(s) is for an amount above the solicitation threshold, the Board, at least two weeks before bids are filed, will advertise for bids in a medium accessible to the general public (which includes a newspaper of general circulation in the region, the eMaryland Marketplace, or comparable state publication), or a posting on an electronic bid board and a physical posting in the Purchasing Office.

    1. Contracts for amounts above the solicitation threshold can only be made after the receipt of formal sealed responses and the approval of the Board.

    2. Awards of contracts under the solicitation threshold will be approved by the Superintendent/Designee.

  2. Vendor responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for HCPSS contracts will be evaluated by an evaluation committee who are required to complete a non-disclosure/nonconflict of interest agreement.A contract for the procurement of goods and/or services will be awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder who conforms to specifications, with consideration given to:

    1. Quantities involved

    2. Time required for delivery

    3. Purpose for which it is required

    4. Competency and responsibility of the bidder

    5. Ability of the bidder to perform satisfactory service

    6. Plan for utilization of minority business enterprises.

  3. Firms not awarded a contract as a result of a formal solicitation will be issued a notice of non-award.

  4. A contract entered into or purchase made in violation of §5-112 of the Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland and Policy 4050 Procurement of Goods and/or Services is void.

V. Signing of Contracts

  1. Contracts for amounts at or above the solicitation threshold of $25,000 are executed by the Board Chairman/Designee and the Superintendent/Designee as appropriate.

  2. For contracts below the solicitation threshold:

    1. The Superintendent/Designee will approve all contracts for Board appropriated funds.

    2. Principals will approve all contracts for school activity funds.

VI. History

ADOPTED: June 28, 1990



REVISED: July 13, 1995, December 13, 2001, February 27, 2003, December 14, 2006, January 13, 2011, June 7, 2018

EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2018