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Policy 6030 Implementation Procedures - Procurement of Architectural and Construction Management Services

Implementation Procedures

The Architectural and Construction Management (CM) selection process will consist of the following steps:

I. Public Notice

Every three to five years prior to the expiration of the current pool section, the request for proposal (RFP) will be advertised in at least two local newspapers soliciting applications for consideration for the pool for architectural and/or construction management (CM) services. At the same time, this information will be disseminated to:

  1. eMaryland Marketplace

  2. HCPSS website.

II. Expression of Interest

Architects and/or construction managers who wish to apply must send a letter of application plus completed U. S. Government Standard Form 330 and/or other prequalification documents to:

Director of Capital Planning and Construction Howard County Public School System 9020 Mendenhall Court, Suite C. Columbia, MD 21045

Applications must be received no later than the closing date specified in the public notice. Additional information, such as experience or special qualifications, may be submitted for consideration along with the application.

III. Selection to Pool

  1. The Director of Capital Planning and Construction will conduct a pre.qualification evaluation within 30 days of the closing date and forward a list of qualified firms to be considered for selection by the selection committee.

  2. The selection committee will be comprised of nine members and will be chaired by the Director of Capital Planning and Construction. Committee members will be the:

    1. Chief Operating Officer

    2. Chief Business and Technology Officer

    3. Executive Director, Operations

    4. Executive Director, Facilities

    5. Director of Capital Planning and Construction

    6. Director of Purchasing

    7. Manager of Design and Preconstruction Services

    8. Manager, School Planning

    9. A principal.

      Any of the members may appoint a designee to serve in their place.

  3. As part of its decision-making, the committee may interview individual firms.

  4. The selection effort will seek to balance the work between firms which have performed well for the school system on past projects and other qualified architectural and construction management firms.

  5. The selection committee will qualify firms for inclusion in the pool.

    1. The committee will designate firms based on their ability to satisfy Policy 6030, Standard IV.B., as determined by:

      1. Qualifications

      2. Past performance

      3. Firm size and composition

      4. Current work

      5. References.

    2. All firms deemed qualified by the committee to meet the criteria of Section III.E.1. above will be selected to the pool, with a limit of 6 consultants per pool.

  6. The pool shall remain in place for a period of three years and, at the Superintendent’s recommendation to the Board, may be extended up to two additional terms of one year each.

IV. Selection for Capital Improvement Projects

  1. The Director of Capital Planning and Construction will select a firm from the pool considered to be the best qualified for an individual project.

  2. The Director of Capital Planning and Construction will maintain current data as to fee schedules, levels of activity, project management, and prevalent practices in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan region, with particular emphasis on comparable school construction projects.

  3. The Director of Capital Planning and Construction will negotiate an agreement for fee. This fee negotiation will be subject to approval by the Director of Purchasing.

  4. Should the Director of Capital Planning and Construction be unable to negotiate a satisfactory contract with the firm most qualified, the Director reserves the right to negotiate with the next firm and to select a firm based upon a desired expertise when determined by the Director to be in the best interest of HCPSS.

  5. The Director of Capital Planning and Construction with the concurrence of the Chief Operating Officer will present the final recommendation to the Superintendent.

  6. The Superintendent will submit his recommendation to the Board. If the Board rejects the recommendation, it will go back for review and further action by the Superintendent.

V. History

ADOPTED: August 10, 1989


MODIFIED: November 1, 2018

REVISED: November 6, 2008

EFFECTIVE: November 1, 2018