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Policy 6060 Implementation Procedures - Community Improvements to School Sites or School Facilities

Implementation Procedures

I. Responsibilities of the School Administrator/Designee or Building Administrator

Collaborate with the petitioner(s) regarding the proposed improvement and contact the Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) Director of School Facilities/designee to review the proposal process and to review the Improvement to School System Sites or Facilities Proposal Form.

II. Responsibilities of the Director of School Facilities & Operations/Designee

  1. Provide training on the implementation of Policy 6060 to school administrators and building administrators.

  2. Determine the significance and appropriateness of petitioner’s proposed improvement with input from the Office of Security, Emergency Preparedness, and Response and other applicable offices.

  3. Recommend approval or disapproval of the proposed project to the Chief Operating Officer/designee.

  4. Provide the petitioner status updates throughout the review and evaluation process and notify the petitioner of the decision regarding project approval/disapproval.

  5. If approval is granted by HCPSS, collaborate with the school administrator/designee or building administrator, to proceed with the improvement project by:

    1. Overseeing the project to completion in accordance with the approved plans and time schedule.

    2. Ensuring that the petitioner project includes an approved Acceptance of Donations Form, when applicable.

    3. Ensuring that the petitioner obtains insurance, permits, licenses, etc., as required by the Board/HCPSS and county agencies, prior to the start of work, when applicable.

    4. Ensuring availability of all funds donated by the petitioner that are needed for completion of the project.

    5. Ensuring that the work is performed:

      1. In accordance with requirements from the Office of Security, Emergency Preparedness and Response.

      2. During times when school is not in session, or per an approved exception.

      3. In compliance with the approved plans, acceptable construction practices, and all regulations imposed by building permits and federal and local laws.

    6. Regularly monitoring the project activities to identify potential exposures that could result in injury or property damage.

    7. Overseeing correction of any damage to existing facilities using HCPSS specified materials.

  6. Establish a process to gather regular feedback from community members who submit an Improvement to School System Sites or Facilities Proposal Form.

III. Responsibilities of the Chief Operating Officer

  1. Upon receipt of the recommendation of the Director of School Facilities and after performing additional review of the proposal, the Chief Operating Officer may grant approval, involving the Superintendent if appropriate.

  2. If the Superintendent considers the proposal(s) to be a significant improvement to real property, they may bring the proposal to the Board for final approval.

IV. Monitoring

Policy 6060 implementation procedures will be overseen by the Division of Operations.

V. History

ADOPTED: April 7, 1970

REVIEWED: December 19, 2019



  • May 24, 1990

  • June 25, 2009

  • June 9, 2022

EFFECTIVE: July 1, 2022

Policy History Key

  • Adopted-Original date the Board took action to approve a policy
  • Reviewed-The date the status of a policy was assessed by the Superintendent’s Standing Policy Group
  • Modified-The date the Board took action to alter a policy that based on the recommendation of the Superintendent/designee did not require a comprehensive examination
  • Revised-The date the Board took action on a that policy based on the recommendation of the Superintendent/designee needed a comprehensive examination
  • Effective-The date a policy is implemented throughout the HCPSS, typically July 1 following Board action.