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Policy 7130 Implementation Procedures - Substitute Teachers

Implementation Procedures

  1. The Temporary Services Office collects and maintains records of registered substitutes approved for assignment. The records include names and subject area of concentration. All information in the Temporary Services Office’s automated system has restricted access.

    1. The records of approved substitute teachers will be kept in the automated substitute reporting and assignment system.

    2. School-based administrators, principal secretaries and other designated front office staff have access to the list of substitute teachers who have selected their location for possible openings. They also have access to information about daily absences and substitute teacher coverage in their building.

  2. School-based administrators, teachers, and substitutes will follow the procedures established by the Temporary Services Office to ensure successful implementation of the Temporary Services Office’s automated substitute reporting and assignment system.

  3. Each school-based administration is responsible for preparing and providing information for substitutes in their building regarding school-based procedures and for making that information available to each substitute.

  4. When there is an anticipated long-term assignment (eleven consecutive days for the same teacher) there should be a reasonable effort to obtain a certified substitute teacher before a non-certified substitute is placed into the vacancy.

  5. If a long-term assignment extends 20 or more consecutive school days in a Title I school, the long-term substitute teacher must meet the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) criteria that they are a certificated and licensed teacher according to state qualifications. If the substitute teacher does not meet these criteria, the principal/designee must notify in writing the parents of the students in those classrooms.

  6. Applicants who wish to apply as substitute teachers will:

    1. File an application for a position as a substitute teacher with the Temporary Services Office.

    2. Provide appropriate credentials as specified in the application.

    3. Complete a fingerprint background check.

    4. Pass a background check.

    5. Participate in a mandatory orientation program before being approved as a substitute teacher and being eligible for substitute assignments.

  7. To maintain active status, substitute teachers must complete an annual renewal request with the Temporary Services Office.

  8. The Temporary Services Office’s automated substitute reporting and assignment system assumes the responsibility for both substitute teacher requests and substitute teacher coverage:

    1. The automated substitute system allows teacher absences to be entered 24 hours per day by phone or online for either:

      1. Unfilled substitute assignments.

      2. Pre-arranged substitute assignments.

    2. The Temporary Services Office secures substitute coverage by one of the following processes:

      1. The automated substitute system calls substitute teachers during specified hours.

      2. Substitute teachers call in to the automated substitute system.

      3. Substitute teachers check the automated substitute system website for unfilled substitute assignments.

  9. Administrators are authorized to request or arrange for a substitute teacher only in the absence of a teaching position identified in the HCEA-Board negotiated agreement.

  10. Concerns regarding a substitute teacher must be reported in writing to the Executive Director of Human Resources/designee. The Executive Director of Human Resources/ designee will collect information regarding reported concerns and make a decision regarding the removal from approved status or placement on a school’s “Do Not Use” list.

  11. Monitoring

Policy 7130 implementation procedures will be overseen by The Division of Human Resources and Professional Development.

XII. History

ADOPTED: October 12, 1989


MODIFIED: May 11, 2021


  • September 14, 1995

  • March 12, 2009

EFFECTIVE: May 11, 2021

Policy History Key

  • Adopted-Original date the Board took action to approve a policy
  • Reviewed-The date the status of a policy was assessed by the Superintendent’s Standing Policy Group
  • Modified-The date the Board took action to alter a policy that based on the recommendation of the Superintendent/designee did not require a comprehensive examination
  • Revised-The date the Board took action on a that policy based on the recommendation of the Superintendent/designee needed a comprehensive examination
  • Effective-The date a policy is implemented throughout the HCPSS, typically July 1 following Board action.