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Policy 8080 Implementation Procedures - Responsible Use of Technology, Digital Tools, and Social Media

Implementation Procedures

I. Dissemination of Information

  1. Notification of the provisions of this policy and these implementation procedures will be provided annually to all students, families, employees, and service providers through customary channels of communication.

  2. Principals will notify all technology users in their schools of the responsibilities of individuals using HCPSS technology and social media and of guidelines for network activities at the beginning of the school year.

  3. Department supervisors will notify those under their supervision of the provisions of this policy and implementation procedures annually, with reminders as necessary.

  4. The Superintendent/designee will include language in contracts, when applicable, that requires all contractors and vendors to review and comply with this policy and all related policies.

  5. The Office of Use of School Facilities will notify individuals or organizations seeking to use HCPSS technology of the provisions of this policy and these implementation procedures as part of agreements to use HCPSS facilities in accordance with Policy 10020 Use of School Facilities.

II. Responsibilities

  1. Individuals using HCPSS technology will not intentionally create, access, share, download or print content that:

    1. Depicts profanity, obscenity, the use of weapons, terrorism, gang affiliation, and/or violence.

    2. Promotes use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, and/or other illegal or harmful products.

    3. Contains sexually suggestive messages, or is sexually explicit or obscene.

    4. Contains language or symbols that demean an identifiable person or group or otherwise infringe on the rights of others.

    5. Causes or is likely to cause a disruption to HCPSS activities or the orderly operation of HCPSS.

    6. Contains rude, disrespectful, or discourteous expressions inconsistent with civil discourse or behavior.

    7. Constitutes bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, or intimidation in violation of Policy 1020 Sexual Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct, Policy 1040 Safe and Supportive Schools, and Policy 1060 Bullying, Cyberbullying, Harassment, and Intimidation.

    8. Reasonable exceptions to this provision may be made for students conducting research under the direction of an instructor and employees completing HCPSS related responsibilities. Specific permission will be granted regarding the nature of the research to be conducted and the type of files related to that research which might be accessed or created.

  2. Employee Responsibilities

    1. Employees assigned an HCPSS mobile technology device for use will adhere to the provisions outlined in the HCPSS Mobile Technology Duties and Obligations Notice. An HCPSS Mobile Technology Device includes laptops, iPads, and cell phones. This does not include desktop computers.

    2. Prior to using supplemental digital tools with students, employees will:

      1. Check to ensure the supplemental digital tool is on the HCPSS approved list of digital tools.

      2. Notify parents of the supplemental digital tool and provide parents the opportunity to opt their student out of using the digital tool.

      3. Provide alternative materials for those students whose parents have opted them out of using the digital tool.

    3. When using digital resources, employees will:

      1. Make appropriate judgments about locating and using information that matches the learner’s instructional level and the learning objectives of an assignment.

      2. Differentiate among types of information sources and assess the appropriateness of using the internet as a resource for a specific learning activity.

      3. Evaluate resources to ensure that they meet the curricular needs of students and are appropriate for the developmental level of the students.

    4. When using social media to incorporate external resource speakers, employees will:

      1. Configure privacy settings of the social media to limit the visibility of the content to the intended audience. Access by the non-HCPSS individual will be terminated after the educational purpose has been fulfilled.

      2. Provide the name and organization affiliation of the speaker(s) and notify students and parents of the social media being used, how students will participate, expectations for appropriate behavior, and collaboration guidelines.

      3. Adhere to Policy 8060 Resource Speakers.

    5. When creating and/or using an HCPSS social media account, employees will:

      1. Use an HCPSS email address to create the HCPSS social media accounts.

      2. Delete inactive HCPSS social media accounts.

      3. Adhere to Policy 3060 Student Data Governance and Privacy, Policy 7010 Personnel Records, and Policy 9050 Student Records.

      4. Verify parents have provided permissions for media release (photo approval) and/or student creative work release prior to posting photographs or creative work.

      5. Moderate the account for compliance with this policy, and document and delete comments that are not compliant.

  3. Student Responsibilities

    1. When using technology, students will adhere to all school rules, regulations, and directives of school employees.

    2. During the school day, personal technology devices should be set to silent with notifications turned off.

  4. Use of Recording Devices

    1. Employees will adhere to parent media release consent regarding photographs, videos, or audio recordings intended for a public audience.

    2. Instructional staff will notify parents at the start of each school year if photographs, videos, or audio recordings will be taken as part of HCPSS curriculum and how they will be used. Staff also will provide a process for parents and/or students to opt-out of these recordings.

    3. Volunteers and visitors must have the permission of the school administration prior to photographing and/or video or audio recording during the school day, HCPSS-sponsored programs, and field trips. This does not include extracurricular activities or events open to the public.

III. Violation of Policy

  1. Any individual who suspects a violation of this policy or these implementation procedures will report the alleged violation to the appropriate administrator or supervisor for investigation.

  2. The administrator or supervisor will report the suspected violation to the Superintendent/designee for further investigation and potential disciplinary action.

  3. In cases that may be criminal in nature (threats, stalking, harassment, etc.) or that may pose a safety threat, an investigation will be conducted in consultation and cooperation with the Superintendent/designee.

  4. In cases of probable or potential harm to an individual, appropriate follow-through and communication with the individual in danger and others who are in a position to protect that individual from harm including, but not limited to law enforcement, if necessary, must be undertaken by the individual who discovers the probable or potential harm.

IV. Monitoring

Policy 8080 implementation procedures will be overseen by the Division of School Management and Instructional Leadership.

V. References

HCPSS Mobile Technology Duties and Obligations Notice

VI. History

ADOPTED: November 26, 2002

REVIEWED: February 24, 2022

MODIFIED: July 11, 2019, August 18, 2020


  • January 21, 2003

  • May 10, 2007

  • March 11, 2010

  • June 27, 2013

  • June 9, 2016

  • June 25, 2020

EFFECTIVE: August 18, 2020