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Policy 9500 Implementation Procedures - Educating Student Sex Offenders

Implementation Procedures

I. Notification

  1. The principal will inform all students, parents, and Howard County School System (HCPSS) employees of the provisions of this policy annually and at other times as appropriate. This may be done in the following ways:

    1. Publishing the information in school newsletters.

    2. Publishing the information in staff/student handbooks.

    3. Posting the information on a bulletin board and/or school’s website.

    4. Making the information available for new students through the registration process.

  2. Middle and high school students will be notified of the provisions of this policy through the Secondary Student and Parent Handbook and be asked to acknowledge receipt of such notification with their signature.

II. Administrative Response

Immediately upon becoming aware of a student who is a sex offender registrant, school level administrators should arrange a meeting with the student and parent, to advise them of the manner in which the student will be educated in accordance with State law, until such time that the student is no longer a sex offender registrant.

III. Monitoring

Policy 9500 implementation procedures will be overseen by the Division of Academics.

IV. History

ADOPTED: February 9, 2023




EFFECTIVE: February 9, 2023

Policy History Key

  • Adopted-Original date the Board took action to approve a policy
  • Reviewed-The date the status of a policy was assessed by the Superintendent’s Standing Policy Group
  • Modified-The date the Board took action to alter a policy that based on the recommendation of the Superintendent/designee did not require a comprehensive examination
  • Revised-The date the Board took action on a that policy based on the recommendation of the Superintendent/designee needed a comprehensive examination
  • Effective-The date a policy is implemented throughout the HCPSS, typically July 1 following Board action.