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Policy 7000 Implementation Procedures - Workforce Diversity and Inclusion

Implementation Procedures

I. Definitions

Within the context of these implementation procedures, the following definition applies:

Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Plan - A strategic plan to create and maintain a workplace that is fair and inclusive and promotes a workforce that better reflects the diversity of our students, parents and communities.

II. General

The Superintendent is responsible for ensuring nondiscrimination in employment and in implementing, directing, and maintaining the workforce diversity and inclusion policy and the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Plan.

  1. Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Office of Human Resources

    1. Assist in the review of policies and procedures related to equal employment opportunities, as appropriate.

    2. As needed, review Howard County Public Schools' (HCPSS) Human Resources policies and procedures related to recruitment, promotion, hiring, separation, retention and employment engagement to determine the following:

      1. Compliance with federal and state guidelines.

      2. Effectiveness in meeting objectives.

      3. Need for revision.

      4. Ensure professional learning by annually conducting meetings and workshops for administrators and supervisors to explain, clarify, and review the purpose and responsibility of the implementation of this policy.

      5. Provide direct assistance to administrators and other appropriate individuals in carrying out equal employment practices.

      6. Assist in development and implementation of monitoring procedures to measure effectiveness of the program.

      7. Serve as liaison with governmental agencies and special interest groups in equal employment opportunities.

  2. Office of Human Resources

    1. Develop recruitment, promotion, employment, and retention procedures consistent with the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Plan including the following:

      1. Position HCPSS in a manner to attract the widest pool of applicants to include all present employees of the HCPSS, as appropriate.

      2. Identify the Howard County Board of Education as an equal opportunity employer in all recruitment materials and other employment publications.

    2. Develop and maintain recruitment sources such as:

      1. Colleges and universities that have large numbers of students from underrepresented groups.

      2. Facilities and resources of organizations serving underrepresented groups.

      3. Maryland State Employment Services Offices.

      4. Government agencies.

      5. Local special interest groups.

    3. Examine and update recruitment procedures and application materials to ensure:

      1. Job announcements for classified and professional employees are uniform in format.

      2. Applications forms and procedures are accessible and contain only job-related questions.

      3. The Howard County Board of Education is identified as "An Equal Opportunity Employer".

      4. Interview procedures and techniques are accessible and limit their scope to job-related questions.

    4. Develop recruitment procedures that:

      1. Use trained recruiters who reflect the diversity of employees and students in the school system.

      2. Encourage partnerships with underrepresented groups and other special interest groups to attract qualified applicants.

    5. Prepare an annual report on recruitment and employment results including:

      1. Disaggregated employee data to assist hiring managers in assessing, creating, obtaining, and maintaining a diverse staff throughout the school system.

      2. Results of trends in recruitment efforts.

    6. Educate hiring managers in regard to labor laws, regulations, policies, and the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Plan.

  3. Division of School Management and Instructional Leadership; Office of Human Resources

    Establish selection, appointment, and assignment procedures that:

    1. Establish a diverse group of individuals to reflect the school system when a panel is convened.

    2. Limit interview questions to those that are job-related.

    3. Develop selection processes that relate to essential job functions.

    4. Discuss specific needs with appropriate personnel (i.e. principal, cafeteria manager, etc.).

    5. Screen available applications in terms of essential job requirements and meeting minimum job qualifications.

    6. Involve principal and/or other administrators and supervisors in the selection process.

    7. Ensure accessibility throughout the process.

    8. Require hiring managers and administrators to submit a comprehensive report for each vacancy of all candidates interviewed along with interview and selection information.

  4. Office of Public Information

    1. Ensure the Board’s commitment to workforce diversity and inclusion is communicated widely.

    2. All forms of communications are developed and shared through a lens that is representative of our workforce diversity and inclusion commitment.

V. Monitoring

Policy 7000 implementation procedures will be overseen by the Division of Human Resources and Professional Development.

VI. History

ADOPTED: August 5, 1969

REVIEWED: July 1, 2011

MODIFIED: August 18, 2020


  • October 12, 1989

  • January 13, 2005

  • June 11, 2020

EFFECTIVE: August 18, 2020

Policy History Key

  • Adopted-Original date the Board took action to approve a policy
  • Reviewed-The date the status of a policy was assessed by the Superintendent’s Standing Policy Group
  • Modified-The date the Board took action to alter a policy that based on the recommendation of the Superintendent/designee did not require a comprehensive examination
  • Revised-The date the Board took action on a that policy based on the recommendation of the Superintendent/designee needed a comprehensive examination
  • Effective-The date a policy is implemented throughout the HCPSS, typically July 1 following Board action.